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Powdered Kava Review Karan's Fiji Kava powder


{"Grade":8,"Potency":10,"Mind":8,"Body":6,"Anxiety":1,"Sedative":4,"Taste":"-8","Preparation":"Traditional method","Duration":"","SideEffects":"","Headline":""}
After consuming almost a kilo of Karan’s kava I thought I would do a review.

so to begin value for money Karan’s kava is number one in Australia. $60 AUD for 500g plus shipping setting the bar for affordability here in Oz.
Shipping was prompt and well priced I think I payed about $14.

packaging was good well sealed in a re sealable plastic zip lock bag.

So after preparing the kava in the traditional method 5 tablespoons in 600ml of water through a mesh bag I was greeted with very dark in color almost oily grog.
the aroma was dank as was the flavor it was strongest tasting kava that I have tried and if I’m being honest it was bit too dank for my taste flavorwise.

As for the potency of the kava it is strong, so if you want bang for your buck this kava delivers in spades.

the effects I would describe as balanced tending towards heady. I felt a bit of nausea the first time I tried it but I did down my cups quite quickly. And the next time I took my time consuming it and had less to no nausea.

I felt quite social with this kava but didn’t get much in the way of sedation or anxiety relief. There was no hangover really to speak of and no sedation the next day but I kind of look for that sedation anti anxiety effects with my kava and this one left me feeling a bit jangly the next day.

overall Karan’s kava delivered a very Strong kava, strong effects, strong taste and strong value for money.
As far as my personal preference goes I like the heavy sedative kavas and this one is more balanced heady in my opinion and the tast is a little too dank for me.
But I purchased a bag of Karan’s lawena kava whilst it was on special for $35 aud for 500g what a bargain!!!! I wish I had purchased some more at that price because it is definitely more my jam heavy and sedating.
I will do a review once I have had chance to sit with it for while.

thanks to Karan’s for providing a great affordable product great work.