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Powdered Kava Review Karans Lawena Traditional Grind


{"Grade":8,"Potency":8,"Mind":1,"Body":8,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":8,"Taste":"0","Preparation":"4-6 tablespoons traditional prep in strainer bag kneaded in 600ml-1l tap water ","Duration":"A few hours - into the night","SideEffects":"","Headline":""}
So as promised here’s another review on Karan’s Lawena tradition grind.

so to begin with this is the most affordable traditional grind on the Australian market at the moment and in my opinion it is a great product. $50 Aud for 500g

so the taste is much smoother than the other kava I tried from Karan’s, much easier to get down in larger quantities without that dank taste. I’ve taken to drinking this grog out of a pint glass and downing it a couple of skulls followed by a chaser.

it is lighter in color than Karan’s other offering I tried.

its more heavy than heady and provides anti anxiety effects, soothing and relaxing.

overall another great affordable product from Karan’s kava that has a staple in my cupboard.