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Kava and Tyramine

Zac Imiola (Herbalist)

Kava Connoisseur
Has anyone noticed an issue with kava and soy sauce, high salty foods or other traditional mao B inhibitors such as "Taking some MAO-B inhibitors with the heavy consumption (greater than 150 mg/day) of foods high in tyramine carries a risk of raising blood pressure to dangerous levels. These foods are typically aged or fermented, and can include things like cheeses, dried or cured meats, fava beans, beer, sauerkraut, and soybeans. "

Thanks, please describe what food and what symptoms you have experienced
I haven't ever noticed anything myself, I think kava is just much much weaker in it's MAO-B inhibition than traditional MAO-B inhibitors. It's also reversable which wouldn't mean it would be totally safe but that combined with it's being a pretty weak inhibitor probably makes normal consumption of tyramine safe. I will try to pay more attention when I eat stuff high in tyramine and let you know if I experience any possible interactions though. Maybe It's a mild interaction and I just haven't noticed.