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Kava brand and strain(preferably on Amazon) that gives a euphoric, anti anxiety, helps in social situations, and gives off heady/ long lasting effects


I’ve try the kavafied Tonga and love it! I feel like it doesn’t last as long though and the effects could be a bit more stronger for the anxiety area, let me know!


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Heady and long lasting don't go hand in hand with kava. Heady effects come on the fastest and dissipate first. In my experience the best kava for anxiety relief isn't always the one with the most mood uplift. As far as Kava Tonga, I've experienced the strongest mental effects from that one relative to other tongans but it doesn't help me with anxiety at all compared to others that I'd call milder... like old batches of Tongan Family Reserve or the now discontinued BKH Kula.


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A heady strain would be our Kelai (also the best for anxiety and social situations):

If you want to be sedated then try the Palarasul: