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Kava Culture vs. Background Culture


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Yeah, that's unfortunately true.

This is one of the reasons I don't particularly like Christmas.
I think those drawn to Kava, especially those where the cultural norm does not have it woven into the fabric, are so because we are seeking to supplement the experience we are receiving here.  I'm east coast America, partied hard in the big cities, certainly done my fair share of mind altering substances... but where have these experiences lead me?  To Kava.  There is something about it, truly I want to get my hands on the book "Kava - The Pacific Elixer", because I view the substance as an elixer of life.  

Certainly we have also all been down the rabbit hole of counter culture media, understanding the fallacies of our government, the corruption, the inside jobs and even delved into political ponerology, maybe you all have gone into multi dimensional studies, quantum physics, lucid dreaming, ancient astrologically aligned pyramids, atlantis, lemuria, ascended masters school of thought, plaidean consciousness, cassiopaean, the mysteries of sirius and the relationship to dolphins/whales, cymatics, fractal expansion, consciousness and self exploration with the help of chemical allies, listened to alex jones, bruce lipton, terence mckenna, red-ice creations, self educated with taoism, buddism, indian schools of thought such as vedanta, practiced tai chi, learned of energy vortex's such as sedona arizona or mount shasta in cali, studied thought in relation to time space, practiced no-thought in the art of meditation, studied psychometry, experienced synchronicities that only a being greater than the whole could have arranged...

to what end?  To open the news and see another stabbing, another human losing their mind and murdering their family, do we become affected by this?  Muted, blunted by the repetition?  I have been told by everyone around me that this is human nature and people act in such a way... there is no way to stop it, they say. Get your slice of land, doors that lock when you go to bed, tune out the bad stuff and focus on the good... it's certainly hard to tune out something that you have tuned in to, although I am sure practice makes perfect.  

Kava culture allows me to tune all this noise out... brings me to a finer place, somewhere I can laugh, smile, and converse without a worry in the world... that's what kava culture is to me.


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Actually philosophers argue a lot about the "savage man*." Hobbes told us that life outside of government would be brutal, nasty, and short.

Philosophers have argued back since.

It is only outside of college and the thinking man's walls where "human nature" is accepted to be what the popular conception of it is. The fact you are facing cognitive dissonance with the repetition of those around you says a lot about your intelligence. I live in the middle of nowhere with a girl who agrees with me on major things like this.

I'm not personally sure that Lord of the Flies would naturally be the outcome of a ship wreck. Though avarice and sloth have affected many people in our current society. (Speaking from the USA.) I maintain that people are good before corruption, and man-killing is not that natural state of affairs.

Unless you live on an island with no other delicious source of meat, of course.

*An unfortunate term, given its actual and historical meaning. But the books I've been reading lately all use it.


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Agreed, however since our society has moved away from the barter system, money is as essential as food or water.  Property, within reason, is necessary for survival.


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I'm talking about long-term survival in modern society.  Even in your scenario, a person would need certain property to survive like clothes (purchased with money), hunting tools, shelter, etc.

That reminds me of this new reality show I saw some commercials for: 
Naked Castaway: Naked, Stranded, Alone : Video : Discovery Channel
Ed Stafford purposely strands himself with absolutely nothing - not even clothes - on a remote Fijian island. His goal: survive for 60 days.


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The other day one of my students came in wearing a pair of headphones that he told me cost 200$ (I work with impoverished kids, so, well, you do the figuring out.)

But anyway, the headphones were painted Rasta colors.

So yeah.