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Kava Garden Photos!

Pacific Santo

Kava Curious
Either you take awesome pictures, or Vanuatu is just that beautiful :)

You know we love seeing pictures from the Motherland of kava.
ahah we are not professional photographer so far, Vanuatu is wonderful and not even close as beautiful as we post it unfortunately. If ever one day we have time we will get the drone to fly a bit for you ;)
Currently the news docks topic is on and we are fully busy with orders so not much time to run around for some good shots but I guarantee we will.
We just did a road going over the gardens, farmers had to harvest so we could do this road to reach the heart of the gardens more easily :D
We cannot be more in the middle now ahah soon picture ;)
KAVA TIME here gotta goooo!
Take care

Pacific Santo

Kava Curious
Are these gardens hidden or is there a sentry at the entrance to them :)?
ahah no sentry but we could say hidden.. in the deep part of the bush you have few or no stealing because rules are different and the people too (heart is pure there).
To find these gardens it is 2 hours out of town and a bit of walking :)
Gardens are not always easy to find as there is no roads to access it usually. There are walking path done by farmers that you follow when you are in the middle of nature so you don't get lost in middle of nature.
Imagine entering a place where nature goes without disturbance, the bush, and inside of it - somewhere - you have gardens.
To progress or do gardens visit in the bush there is one tool you always have: the machete, used for everything but mainly to open the way when there is no path already done to walk through nature. Sometimes you do not know but you are 20 meters away from a garden, you just don't see it as there is the bush hiding and making visibility hard.

There is no one that should not be in these areas. If you are not from the communities, there is no reasons to go there because the hundreds/thousands of hectares belong to them. They are the owner and there is no visitor. If you are not part of the community but on their ground they know it but you might don't see them.
The way to do it for visiting is to ask the tribal chief authorization before going around. You might end up being escorted by some brothers for your visit. You cannot go in gardens as you want, this is like entering a house that's not yours.

You can find some small traditional houses usually built in gardens - this is when the garden is far from the communities so the farmer can sleep in the garden not to loose time to go and come back each day from the communities.

A garden is never alone I would say, there is always someone near to watch out even if there is no sentry :D
That's the community system, people watch out for each other, like a big family.