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Fiji Vanua Sample Pack

Kava variety sample kit comes with everything you need to make your first batch of kava. Great way to taste and sample our favourites before making that separate purchase. You get 5 bags of kava. Loloma waka, old roots, vanuatu, malo tonga and lewena. Each bag contains 3oz of our favourite offerings. Also comes with a traditional cloth strainer bag to filter the grind up kava roots. Please visit each listing to see the effects and taste profile of the kava.

Pack Contains:

3oz Of Loloma Waka
3oz Of Malo Tonga
3oz Of Kava Vanuatu
3oz Of Waka Old Roots
3oz Of Lewena/lawena.
1 Traditional Mesh Strainer Cloth
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The Kaptain (40g)
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Fiji Vanua joins the rank of vendors that offer sample packs.

For this I am so grateful. It's so much easier for us to help newbies when we have options like this to suggest.


Kava Vendor
USPS has gone back to the delay times we had in November and December due to bad weather and volume.
Hopefully it makes it you soon.