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Kava Curious
{"Taste":"-4","Preparation":"40g Warm-Hot water, strained for 7 minutes after soaking, then chilled with ice cubes.","Duration":"90-120 minutes","SideEffects":"","Headline":""}
Mighty Roots Review

Being lucky enough to live in NZ I have cheap and very quick postage from my favourite vendor- Kava Society.

Out of the few different places i've tried (think corner shops in various towns) they're by far the most potent as well as easiest to drink which I put down to their assurances of meticulously cleaning roots.

I was delighted when in their recent email they stated Mighty Roots was back in stock- 100% Lateral roots from Vanuatu kavas, it's generally quite limited so I jumped on board straight away.


I start by straining 40g in approximately 600ML of water for 7 minutes after letting it sit and soak for a couple of minutes beforehand, i've recently got in the habit of using a cocktail shaker and some ice cubes to chill my kava instantly rendering it a bit more palatable.

While the taste is definitely sharper than other Kavas as warned, it's still quite palatable and i'd consider it reminiscent of boroguru with slightly less peppery notes and more sharp grassy notes.

Within a shell or two there's a very quick onset of a heady buzz that makes me feel quite scrumptious and free of anxiety, a tangible buzz that is felt behind the eyes, reminiscent of Kelai or Palarasul which is unsuprising considering its chemotype of 423165.

After this the heady feel becomes a bit more potent, and I'm feeling a more sharper and strong, almost "harsher" buzz than I would with the aforementioned Kavas- I would compare the intensity and onset to the difference between a shot vs sipping a wine.

As I move to about halfway through my session, i'm pleased to find it becomes a bit more balanced and my body has the usual feeling of light sedation, no anxiety as well as the continued heady buzz which is noticably slightly more impairing than usual- I feel that I wouldn't be willing to do a whole lot of physical activity although I'm more than happy to spend my time focusing on other tasks.
Overall it's very pleasant and whilst I wouldn't say it has specific individual traits in the way Kelai or Boroguru would, it's a potent and very rounded Kava in which I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and feel great.

The most suprising effect is maybe 20-30 minutes after my last shell in which there is a potent onset of heavier sedation which I've had very consistantly from this kava now, I have absolutely no qualms with having a big fat nap when I get to this stage, it's something I would compare to higher doses of Melomelo or even boroguru, I'm not sure if this an individual thing for me but it definitely feels unexpected based on the chemotype and the initial similarity to headier varieties.
The heady buzz and effects will generally wear off within an hour post-final-shell, although I can't comment on sedation as I literally take a nap after every session which usually results in me waking up with the effects mostly gone (maybe 40 minutes?)

Overall it's very delightful and i'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys more heady varieties but wants something with a little more Pizazz.
Keeping this in mind, there's something slightly difficult to explain that it provides, almost like a more drunken feeling although not nearly as "aggressive" as Fijian Waka i've had in the past.

Overall - 4/5
Potency- 5/5
Heady Effects - 4/5
Heavy Effects - 2/5
Anti Anxiety 3.5/5 (starts off more at a 4/5)
Sedative Effects- 3/5

A bit sharper than other Kavas, though still follows Kava Societys usual palatability and really wasn't as hard to drink as expected.
A wonderfully potent kava that only takes one shell to provide you with noticably quick anxiolytic effects that wash away fatigue and stress you may have knocking around, with a noticable euphoria one might find with Kelai or Palarasul.

Despite the dominant Kavain, Mighty Roots will ease into more balanced, yet strong relaxed state that seems to creep through your body in which gently tugs at you to relax your muscles and enjoy the delightful state it brings you in, this is perfect for afternoons/evenings although there can be a suprising sedation that follows, so may be moreso suited for the evenings.

still tl;dr
Taste sharp
kava strong head go brzzrzrzrz
body feel good
me like
me go sleep

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Kava Curious
I hope customs doesn’t lose my mighty roots. Ordered to the US back over 3 weeks ago and still patiently waiting for my magical mighty roots to arrive!