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Kava Way Tongan Kava


Kava Enthusiast
HEADY: 8/10
BODY: 5/10

Since this kava was pretty local to me I decided to give it a shot. In Utah, a lot of local people here are Tongan and a lot of them sell kava out of their homes. Unfortunately, it is just generic bulk kava and is usually not that great.

This kava, however, if different. I’ve never really had a Tongan kava I’ve liked.. until now. It’s got a headyness that puts you in a really good vibey chill, and a little heaviness in the backend to give it that full spectrum effect. They told me this was 4 year old Kulu from Vavau, Tonga and overall Kavalactone content was rated at 5.8%. This is one of the few Kava’s that I had absolutely no intestinal discomfort and felt great the next day. The taste is one of the most mildest I’ve ever had. Definitely a reorder from me. I’m posting it here cause they recently made a website and now allow online ordering. So if your in the mood for a good Tongan kava, I recommend this brand 100%.