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Żnin, Poland
Kava Vendor
We would like to introduce Kavaha Perfect Balance Sale!!!

Please enter discount code: perfect15 during order to get 15% off.

Also we we have Kavaha Deep Calm back in stock.

Finest quality Kava available at our store: www.kavaha.eu/shop



Kava Curious
Tried your Kava today It is "Perfect Balance". The Kava is good. Better than some of the kavas I had in Europe till now (especially better than gomoa or "queerbeet"). Seems to be quality, but a bit weak to me. I would compare it to KWK strength and quality wise. For the price you can't complain.

Perfect balance is a bit more "heavy" to me like "pacific elixir" f.e.

To me there is absolutely no "edge", it is soft but not weak. Perfect for beginners.

Your borongoru is still in my stash and I am looking forward to try it!