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Kavaha Vula Kasa Leka


Kava Enthusiast
The grog came out to be chocolate brown with a bitter, not very peppery taste.
As for effects, i would say it is still balanced, but leaning towards the relaxing side of things. Anxiety was relieved and muscles became less tense. Kavain headiness was less pronounced but I liked it being a bit more euphoric than other kava. Effects came on slow, gently and made me feel quite "fluid". Not a bad Kava albeit not as potent as I hoped. 40g was enough to be enjoyable, but not really intense. Overall not over the top amazing, but still solid. Great packaging and design.


Thank You for review. In about 2 months we'll introduce Instant form of Kava Vula Kasa Leka and new type of traditional Kava from Vanuatu-as ou reserarch shows, it should be very potent. Bula!