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Kavaloloko Kava Prep-Kit


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Kavaloloko Kava-Prep Kit

Our Kavaloloko Kava-Prep Kit has been created to making big batches of Kava easier.

It comes with a 3.5 Gallon bucket and a bucket strainer (75micron nylon mesh). The rim of the bucket strainer sits "almost" perfectly on the rim of the 3.5 gallon bucket. The strainer hangs about 4" deep inside the bucket allowing plenty of room inside the bucket for a large amount of Kava.

Brew your Kava in a separate bowl with a strainer & when done pour your Kava through the bucket strainer, in to the bucket & your done.

Kava Bars love this! & so do Kava Clubs.

This also comes in a bundle deal with our Kavaloloko Pro Strainer bag (also 75micron nylon mesh).
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