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KAVAPLEX full spectrum kava oil


Kava Vendor

is the world’s first and only full spectrum, shelf stable kava oil. KAVAPLEX is not a classic extract. It is a true traditional full spectrum food grade kava product. With our proprietary solvent free extraction method, we are able to extract using high pressure at very low temperatures, mimicking the process of making traditional kava and capturing the full contents of the traditional kava drink in a pristine, liquid free ready to use compact oil form. This allows the average consumer to experience the full effects of kava in its strongest traditionally prepared drink form while bypassing the tedious preparation and potentially unpleasant taste that deters many people. This product is food grade and is a great additive to foods, smoothies and coffee. Adding it to coffee or tea can give the beverage an additional mood boost and nootropic kick, and can help reduce the jitters that some get from drinking caffeine while retaining the mental clarity.

With TRU KAVA, our goal is to set the industry standard for quality and safety in the mass market by providing top tier premier products made only from contaminant free, lab tested, premium kava varieties that have been safely used daily by islanders for over 3000 years. Absolutely no pesticides or industrial chemicals are used at any step of our process for manufacturing our products. Each batch of kava root is independent lab tested for both biological and industrial contaminants to ensure that it meets all of these strict quality and safety standards.