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Powdered Kava Review Koro Island Waka!


Kava Enthusiast
excellent kava root
Bula! I received my delicious roots from Art of Kava's Koro Island farmer. Grown by "Mr. Nitro" of Fiji's rugby team, I like the packaging at first glance. It's always a good thing when I can see the roots through the package. I'm not sure it's waterproof, and I'm not sure I need it to be. The roots themselves--very fresh.

These are the strongest, highest kavalactone containing kava roots I've enjoyed so far. They are easily double potency, meaning I am drinking half of my preferred amount in each shell. Koro island waka bursts with flavor, and a rich dark color as seen in my photo. I'm enjoying everything about this Kava. It will take me a few days of getting used to it before I can drink a full shell and stay awake. I've got more to say, but it's time for me to work at my job.

edit: please show me how to use the review system.

Talk to you all this evening! Thank you.