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Koro Waka

Koro Waka is 100% medium grind lateral kava roots, dried by the radiant Fijian sun. The waka is sourced from the island of Koro which produces surprisingly heavy fijian kavas.

Our farmer has advised that the waka coming from Koro Island is usually a blend of many cultivars so its not possible to confirm it containing more of any specific type of cultivar. However, this blend of Fijian cultivars is very aromatic (its one of the best smelling kava's you will come across) and slightly peppery in taste. It produces a very tan colored beverage which usually is a sign of it being a heavy hitting kava. This kava is a creeper and its effects seem to kick in after a few cups but it comes in with full force. It is best for drinking at the end of the day when you do not have any other tasks to perform.

Chemotype = <pending>

Effects = Moderately Heavy

Best for = Evening wind down