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Kule'a Instant Kava (Vanuatu)

kl.Gray Owl

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5pack = $24.95 / 10pack = $39.95 for 10 grams packs, that's 50 g and 100 g.  Has anybody tried this product from Kule'a?

kl.Gray Owl

Kava Enthusiast
minimad jr said:
Have you tried this, Gray? I saw that you liked BKH Green.
I ended up getting Island Kava Vanuatu Tudei instead, I only tried 6 grams so far but it was pretty good.  It seems to be lighter per volume than the other instants I have, so 3 grams ends up being more than 1 tsp.
Got a pack of it, will report but i'm rather inexperienced with kava, so, whatever it will be good for ... :)

As it's made from Vanuatu Kava, will it be rather upper/downer, 10g a good dose, too less/much ... ?

Any hint appreciated

(oops, it isn't made from Fidji Kava, i edited that)
well, actually it's quite nice, but i still don't know where to pack it, speaking category wise ... gives a nice wooden hammer hit one time, the next time i don't feel much and at the moment i'm feeling slightly nauseus. it's not very activating to me, but probably that's nothing to expect regularly anyway, or ... ? but as i said, i don't have any experience with kava besides those two materials i named. overall from my subjective view i think i like it, but it will maybe not become my favourite - but it's very handy and taste is much better than my old nah stone kava and much less numbing. spaces me out, sometimes :)

edit 12.07.16

to me it's great for sleeping, having a nice evening at home, and so on, but not very talkative. as much as 2-3gm give a decent buzz, but probably only for beginners like me :)  Drinking more afterwards didn't add much euphoria