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Instant Kava Review Lateral Root Instant


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So heres another one of Kava Kings products, and I saved this one because I had a feeling it was a good one :)
This one is a bit darker in color then all of the other instants in the sampler I recieved, its also easly the strongest (in my opinion)
This kava had a nice dark look to it...kinda exotic lol...
The smell of the kava in the bag was great, very peppery!
The tatse was great as well! It had the normal peppery tatse. Kinda strong though, but very smooth..
Very easy to drink this stuff. And you could feel every gulp it seemed! :)
After about 30-40 minutes Ifinished all 8 ounces and I wasent drinking it to fast..I would gulp down a few gulps and then stop..and repeat ever 5-6 minutes...
I took this kava at 11 Pm..might of been even later,
The point being this stuff was super heady! Useally after an hr or two kava usesly puts me down slowly lol...
Not this stuff! For 3-4 hours I was smiling..feeling great, very relaxed..
No pains or anything, but there was a realy great energy in the body and mind..
This stuff didnt let me get sleepy till the 4 hour mark I think. And thats probably because it was 2am..lol
All in all this stuff is the strongest instant kava king has and it is queit potent!
Very feel good. heady..tastey..nice body relaxation..
Wouldd defintiley buy some of this stuff...if you enjoy heady uplifting and euphoic kavas...this instant is for you! :)
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Thanks for the great review @Bradley666! That sounds like an afternoon Kava for sure but that's what I like anyway. Looks like the vendors are listening to us and putting more lateral root in their offerings. Like the new ones from GHK, more lateral root makes the kavas headier but it may not be for everyone. I wonder what part of the Kava Plant would give a kava drinker more "couch potato-ness". It's nice to see that we are finally at a point where the vendors are fine tuning their products to make us happy.


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Thanks Deleted User01 :)
It was a perfect kava for night time! But at the same time this one could have been a great mid day kava as well, out in the sun!
Honestly wasn't sure what to expect from all these samples from Kava King, I figured they would be just normal "run of the mill" kava's and I was wrong! I haven't tried them all yet but so far from the 3 I have tried they are great!
There easy mixing,super smooth,taste great...nice light and creamy...this lateral one wasn't as light' as the others of course but
it was still great :) Yes I think I prefer kava's with some lateral root in them,
I think it all depends of the strain/cultivar though...
Lateral root from one cultivar might be super heady and energetic, while another lateral root from a different strain
might be way heavy,lol...it's fun figuring it all out :)


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I tried my sample of Lateral Root yesterday, based on this review, because I was starting to get hungry at about 4:00 and I wanted to drink some kava before I filled my stomach, but didn't want to feel sleepy until around bedtime. Unfortunately, it kept me up all night. In fact, I was actually lying in bed feeling pretty restless, and this was over 8 hours after drinking maybe 8 oz (I had poured the whole sample into a 16 oz. water bottle and filled it up). It also made me itch a little. At about 3 am, after melatonin and kava candy hadn't worked I finally resorted to an antihistamine and finally managed to get a couple hours of sleep.


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Sounds like you might have drank to much or to fast? Maybe you just didn't pace yourself?
I only used half of the sample and I made 2-3 strong shells with it! It is lateral root and it is strong and very heady..
I would guess you should have just used half and waited 20 mins to see how you felt, then did more based on that..?
Sorry, doesn't sound like you enjoyed yourself....I loved this! Was very tasty and strong!
If you like heady kavas then this is perfect :) If not then you probably wouldn't like this...
Also this is an instant...which means its stronger then regular root! 1-2 tsps is all I use for a shell and I can feel every shell I down...the sample seemed like it had a good 4-6 tsps in it...so in my eyes, that's ALOT! especially if you slammed it!


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It's possible that I overdid it. Is it actually instant, or is it just micronized? Shouldn't instant mix with the water better? Anyway, I followed the directions on the sample pack, which (I believe) said to just dump it in a 16 oz. bottle and shake. But I didn't measure out the shells - just take a few gulps about 20 minutes apart. And I think I only did that twice, but that was after finishing off the last shell from the Cappuccino shake flavor that I had left from the day before.

But I'm also still pretty new to this and probably not really feeling the full effects yet, so I don't really know when to stop, unless I start feeling a little nausea. Really, I just want enough to help with sleeping and anxiety. :)


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Yes they are Instant and not micronized...
All of my samples were instants, and they do mix with water but instead of just stirring with a spoon, its a whole lot
easier just to use a whisk...then stir up a bit, then whisk again...I am left with a very foamy and creamy cup of kava :)
Did you have any good effects from the other samples you tried?
I just read the package I have and it says (directions) use 1-3 tsps and mix with 6 ounces of water...
This is just a basic idea, the 3 tsps would be for ppl with some experience, as 3 tsps in 6 ounces of water is a pretty strong dose,
I would just use 1-2 tsps per 6-8 ounces of water, drink it down and wait 15-20 mins..and repeat as needed :)
That lateral instant was by far there stronges't instant! I have been doing kava almost daily for atleast 3 months now it seems and I wouldn't have dumped the whole sample into a drink all at ounce lol..lateral roots are strong, lateral instant is even stronger, a little goes a long way... :) either way, have fun and hope you figure it out..


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It was actually a 16.9 oz. water bottle that I dumped it into, added about 16 oz. of water, and shook between drinks. And I only drank half of it - the other half is still in the fridge. But if I drink the rest, I'll do it in much smaller doses.


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Its a great strong instant for sure!
I would buy some in time, when I start running out of some of what I got lol...
The effects were great for me, perfect daytime kava :)


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I just saw on Kava King's website that the lateral root 1/4 lb is now being offered for sale. I will be buying some of this soon since the sample I received a long time ago
was very good.



Kneads Kava

Glad you enjoyed the lateral, we are in talks in possibly making this a retail product we will keep y'all posted : )
Oh man, how did I miss out on this party?
Tell me how to get some of this instant root please so I can join.


Kava Curious
Anyone know if the stuff is Noble
I have no proof but it seems very noble. Very heady. However, I still believe this is micronized rather than instant as some said, could someone clear this up? It lasts longer than instant usually does for me, and the dermo can come on strong for those sensitive after drinking it daily for some months, but I absolutely love this Kava, great value for money, in fact it's the only kava I use at the moment. Much stronger and more heady than the Vanuatu blend.