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So I just got a half lb of this today after a verrrrrry long shipment time lol but it was well worth it!

I have fallen in love with this kava! I knew it was special when I began to prepare it... tons of “dust” fell right through the strainer bag so I figured that was a good sign of lots of kavelactones ready for suspension... and they’re were ;)

the grog was thick and creamy within the first minute of kneading... frothy, oily, aromatic:I knew I was in for a treat.

the taste was quite nice. Very peppery and earthy with that slight “cashewy” taste that the Kavasseur has identified in other kavas. I could feel a lot of very fine sediment in the potion... it went down a bit chalky in texture...and I used a brand new strainer bag for with about ten minutes of kneading and the resulting brew is swimming with goodness.

i couldn’t believe how much sediment was stuck all over the shell as I came for my second shell.

I am now 3 shells into this and am buzzing all over with happiness and total feeling of comfort. I smoked a small bit of high grade cannabis and the kava effects totally outshine the grass :)

Very heady as they advertise... i have been “krunk-texting” for well over an hour now and regret not having some friends here to share this with me.

Fantastic kava! I had assumed that because it was quite cheap that the strength may be low but that is not the case at all! Super potent , nice tastimg heady kava— thick, oily grog that looked almost like coffee with a ton of cream. Very peppery notes with a touch of cashew aftertaste with maybe a medium level of numbing.

I will definitely buy this kava again and recommend it as well!

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