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Powdered Kava Review Loa Waka

KWK Loa Waka
I won't mince words. This kava tastes really off. And I'm someone who'll eat nearly any food, and has never had complaints with the flavor of any kava before. This one is like pungent burnt rubber. Like plastic. I searched and found that others have gotten the same and drank it without illness, so I'm plowing ahead. It's all I've got on hand at the moment and I'm looking to get a little krunk on.

The effects are relatively nice. A sort of obtuse head-lift and some pleasant body meltiness, without the stimulating effect of a fully heady kava. Imagine the demeanor of Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. A few shells in and it hasn't been sedating.

But again, I don't think anyone without a strong stomach for gnarly flavors could handle this. I was won over by Loa Waka's apparently outdated reputation, but based on my experience I don't recommend others get any at this point. I'm not one to bother posting bad reviews of anything, but considering the high cost of this stuff, I figured I'd share as a warning for my fellow not-financially-wealthy folks. Maybe the taste is the reason that this was the root they've had on sale.

It is what it is ! Bula !


Kava Enthusiast
IMO Loa Waka's taste is average rather than mefiocre but you do not want to use hot water.

The effects are very good to excellent, and it is potent, too. The effects are surpassed only by some Estonian kava mixture, whose potency was more like average and taste was, well, one of the worst but not nearly as bad as vilest of the vile -- Vula Waka.

Best tasting kava was some Tikaram's fijian that was virtually devoid of any effects, however.

Very subjective, of course.
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