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I Love Kava Friday Look at it. Just look at it. FRIDAY is here.


Kava Lover
Packing up today for an out of town soccer tournament back in my hometown....can't wait to meet up with my best friends from highschool. I am packing double the amount of kava for the evening. There is nothing like those friends that even after not seeing them for years you can just casually and easily fall into conversation with like no time was lost. Boston here we come!


Kava Curious
Hi everyone! Another weekend :D Feel brain scattered, and my eyes have spasms, feel tired, but my pacific elixir is melting the stress of my week already :) So bula to everyone!

For me I don't care about cold that much, but low light is the worst. I even have a luminotherapy lamp to wake me up in the winter haha.


Kava Curious
Summertime is almost here, last week of winter...The weather is already getting warmer, love it!

Sucks for you Kap, but damn I am glad summer is round' the corner. :cool:
Yeah almost time to enjoy kava in the hot weather. I enjoy it then much more than in the winter since I like to have my sessions in the forest.