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Hello all,
I have been trying to catch up in the Kava World through this website, reditt, etc and it fascinates me how marketing can ruin this plant or even bad publicity could make it illegal like the other now scheduled drugs.

Anyways...I did read before I post but does anyone know where this is in stock?

Lastly...the ultimate grail for me would be anxiety fighting properties with euphoria both physically and mentally.
I know that is not the purpose of the plant but I have had mixed results in getting to this state.

The subjectivity is interesting on what is the strongest most potent product being offered.

Correct me if I am wrong but scraping the internet it appears that the some of the strongest product (based on what the end user is trying to achieve)


There was also a paste I used to use (Not Kona Farms) from a guy who went out of business that was effective.

If anyone else can recommend from their experience what is the most potent kava from a reputable source I would appreciate it.

Anyone ever use this less known OEMs or distributors below? Never seen them anywhere but there...


I do seem to read conflicting info on micronized vs instant vs traditional vs pastes/tinctures with respect to strength and potency and effects.

Thanks all for reading


Kava Enthusiast
Get some Loa Waka from Kalm with Kava, preferably the medium grind, and get a nylon or muslin strainer bag to prepare it. Or - if you don't want to do the work of kneading the kava to prepare it, get the Loa Waka micronized. Perfect introduction to kava IMO. It's potent and a good balance between "heavy" and "heady".

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