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Powdered Kava Review Malo Tonga - Santa Cruz


Stay Rooted
{"Grade":10,"Potency":8,"Mind":8,"Body":6,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":4,"Taste":"0","Preparation":"3 tbl each in strainer bag. 3 cups cool water 1st wash then 2 cups warm water 2nd wash.","Duration":"4 hrs","SideEffects":"Slight ear ringing and joy","Headline":"Malo Tonga - Santa Cruz Mix"}
Since these are being offered in a 2 pack I thought I'd share my exp with the mix. The Santa Cruz solo was a bit much for me (I'm not a hardhead) so I tried about a 70/30 mix of the Malo Tonga / Santa Cruz. Perfect blend for me. Nice heady jump to start, great anxiety relief and my 2 bad lumbar discs stopped complaining. This mix really checks my Daily Drinker box.