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Powdered Kava Review Melo Melo

Gabriel Belmont

Kava Curious
This Kava is pretty awesome, but you gotta do the prep work for it. I originally used the blender method for my initial preparation of MeloMelo and to be honest didn't get anything out of it. After switching to the strainer bag and 15 mins of kneading the crap outta this Kava in warm water, the difference was night and day. The taste was a little more bitter to be sure, but the effects were outstanding. Made enough for three shells and drank one every 20 mins or so at around 9pm. Around 10.20, normally the time I start worrying about my PhD thesis, I was totally relaxed and wanted to crash for the evening. I think making this Kava with less water makes the taste a little bit more difficult to drink but I find drinking less than what I normally do with a Fijian Kava, stops me peeing all night long.

Had no issues the next morning as MeloMelo dosent seem overly heady, but that maybe my subjective take on it. Bottom line with this Kava is that prepration is key. If you don't want to spend 15 mins putting in the effort, which you could just do whilst listening to crap on youtube, then you wont get the full benefits. Its a late night/bedtime Kava that really helps you get to sleep or wind down after a stressful day, probaly moreso than other Kava types. Give it a go, and if you want more info on how to better prep this Kava, just ask the guys at PSL, they will be more than happy to assist.


Kava Enthusiast
"Had no issues the next morning as MeloMelo does'nt seem overly heady"

What do you mean? What overly heady does?