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Microdosing kava?


Kava Enthusiast
Microdosing alcohol has been researched but I did not read. Low doses of alcohol has been researched, it is also called "ballmer's peak".

I do not think anything about microdosing kava.


Kava Lover
I've used a single wash with 10g of medium grind to get me immersed in whatever I needed to do without any significant effects or sedation. I would consider that a micro-dose I guess. It's pleasant enough, but what is the desired result for you?


Kava Enthusiast
I tried taking a pinch of micro before work but it ended up making me nervous because i was conscious of having taken the kava. I found it is more effective to drink a decent amount at night and let those anti-anxiety effects carry me thru the next day until i start up again the next afternoon.


Kava Enthusiast
Microdosing any substance implies you are consuming less than a standard serving. 1Tbsp, as well as 10 grams, is often a full portion for some.

a micro dose of kava would be more like a teaspoon or a gram or two.

I am sure placebo plays its role and also, this style of kava consumption has benefits. I have likely encountered this situation from brewing multiple washes more than once. Good question!