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Music to krunk by


Maybe this has already been covered but please forgive me, I'm new here.

What is your favorite music to listen or play while krunked?


Kava Lover
I like playing guitar and what not when I'm krunk. I used to play my sitar alot more than I do now and that was awesome while krunk. But I like anything peaceful. Irish drinking song are also very awesome whilst krunk


❦ॐ tanuki tamer
oh no, i was just responding to the question what do you listen to on kava.

i listen to the same stuff i normally do...instrumental rock.


Train by day, Kava by night....All day
I'm a pretty big metal head....but kava seems to go pretty great with *ahem* sexy time music like Portishead and Bjork.

That said Opeth and Meshuggah \m/


Mr True Colors
If you want the perfect chill, meaningful music to krunk by look no further than Pinback. Pinback is simply what i think music should be. Give the whole album a play-through

(flash video)
Thank you for posting the Pinback album Martyr, I really enjoyed listening to this while enjoying my Kava experience. This band so relaxing and mellow, just like my Kava! I'd have to say it was better than a bubble bath and a glass of wine, listening to this group and drinking my Kava I mean. I had to add these talented fellows to my playlist!

@ Prince Philip: I also enjoyed the song you posted, I especially liked the vocals.

Everyone had some really good tunes, thank you all for such a variety! My playlist is over flowing with songs now!