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My belly became the center


Kava Enthusiast
Has this ever happened to you? I had a couple shells of Spotted Hiwa today at work, came home, showered, laid down, and experienced a sensation that is challenging to give words. I felt my awareness in my diaphragm, and my thoughts, my actions from the day, were expanding and contracting with my breath. Densely within, and spread far away. Each of the 40 or 50 plates that I wash on any given day, pots, pans, utinsels, knives, cutting boards, everything, casting apart with each breath of air then coming together when letting go.. I was feeling like knots were loosening in my digestive system. A precise balancing of pressure, with internal cavities.

This reminds me of Manipura, "the third primary chakra according to Vedic tradition." - the Solar Plexus. I had been fasting for the recommended four hours, and that may contribute why I had visionary effects with tonight's Kava ceremony. I'd like to expand on the idea (pun intended) and see if you have ever noticed this phenomenon.