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My girlfriend's strange 1st experience


The 1st time that she has ever had kava, ever. Anyways, I prepared about 5tbsps of Melo Melo assuming that the reverse tolerance would prevent her from feeling much of anything so I better start her off with a normal dose. I blended 5tbsps of Melo Melo with 2 cups of water and told her to close her eyes and chug it.

Her mouth went completely numb ("more than at the dentist") and within a couple minutes she was completely relaxed, which she described as sedated. That being said, she was quite talkative and was able to perform normal tasks without impairment (typing, walking, etc). She started to say after a few more minutes, "My whole face is numb" and I'm thinking "Wow, that's awesome!!!!!" but it wasn't pleasant for someone not accustomed to the sensation but she still felt very relaxed. About an hour and a half to two hours later she went into the bedroom and just started playing Elvis' "Can't Help Falling In Love" on repeat. By now, I've heard it probably 30 times. o_O (I still have some work on my computer I need to do and I need to eat, I didn't abandon her, she just "needed to go to sleep") 2.5 hours after the kava she is out cold, she didn't even wake up when I had to pry around to pause Elvis :D

It appears that there was no reverse tolerance other than the fact she didn't seem to feel the initial Kavain bit. Anyone else ever hear of this or experience it themself? It completely caught me off guard, but in a good way for her at least :p

BTW, Melo Melo is underrated. Yes, it's not super potent like Nambawan, but I think that with tweaking the amount I could get a very similar effect to Nambawan. For me, (and obviously her) it wasn't a typical kavain rich heady sort of kava but more of a heady and relaxing kava.
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I gave my best friend Some boroguru for her first time trying kava made from root. Hit her like a truck. Luckily it was a small 1/4 shell so it was only a small truck...but still a truck.:D


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I recently made a strong batch of my heavy waka and shared it with a female friend. She's had it with me a few times, years ago...so she knew it might not be very effective the 1st night in...however, it hit hard, she was actually trippin a little bit at first cause she likened it to a weed high...totally enjoyed it though. She also mentioned she felt more incapable of driving than a pint of vodka would leave her.


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My brother is coming to see me in a couple of weeks, so I'm gonna make a bold attempt to get him to share a shell or two with me. We've talked about kava many times, and he's very interested. I may even have some candies waiting for him when he gets here. :D


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Gave some of Adil's Coconut Vanilla extract to my wife aaaannnnddd she hated it. I was not surprised in the least bit. Our tastes are 180 degrees from each other. Even in....especially in eliquid for our ecigarettes. Everything I like, she hates. Everything she likes....I hate. The only thing she didn't mind was the RZO drinks...but the amount of kava in them was miniscule compared to just about any other form of kava you can buy.

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Out of Topic but giving infraredz a heads up. Somebody in the old forum is asking questions about Benzos and Kava and a lot of other stuff. He could use some help and I'm thinking you may have already done research on his questions. I keep telling everyone to move over here.