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Powdered Kava Review Nakamal at Home: True Kava (Tudei)


I recently received a small quarter pound package of the tudei True Kava from nakamal at home. The packaging is quite nice looking, with a dude playing a trumpet on the front and a bunch of warnings and nutrition facts on the back. The whole package is covered in a watermelon type pattern.

Upon opening the package, i smelled the kava within. It smelled completely normal, with a peppery and earthy smell, and a hint of pineyness. The grind on this kava is extremely fine, as all nakamal at home products are. I prepared my kava with an aluball pro shaker. I filled half of the aluball up to the top of the male threading. I shook it in tap hot water for 4 minutes. The liquid was very thick and strangely light brown, almost beige. The kava had a strong earthy and light peppery taste, but what stood out the most to me was a delicious roasty-nutty flavor, almost like toasted pine nuts. It also stung more than any kava i have ever drank (took almost 10 minutes for it to go away) and had a very powerful numbing effect.

It may be useful to note that I was on a large dose of kratom at the time of drinking this kava, so the effects might be a bit different. The first effects set in within 5 or so minutes. This kava is a powerful sedative, and I nearly fell asleep several times. There was a definite head rushing feeling, but it was much more similar to alcohol than other kavas ive had. It was also the first kava ive ever had that was significantly intoxicating, and I found I was not processing very well in a manner similar to but not as intense and dangerous as alcohol. The intoxication faded in 20 minutes and left an intense and very pleasant sedation and physical euphoria and muscle relaxation. I was almost unable to move. The effects persisted for a very long time as well, as I am still feeling it very strongly almost 2 hours later. I experienced no nausea or negative side effects either (for now). Overall a great effect.

This kava is easily the heaviest I have ever had. I can see this being a great replacement for benzodiazepine addicts due to its intense sedative effects. I would not drink this frequently due to the risk of side effects and liver damage though. I will update tomorrow on how i slept and feel tomorrow. 9/10 kava. Bula!