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Negative and Positive Effects of Kava


Kava Curious
I have a love/hate relationship Kava because the root seems very unpredictable. I am not sure why, but there are certain Kavas that cause mild depression, lack of motivation, and lethargy that makes my mental state and anxiety worse. I enjoy Kava because of the euphoric and anti-anxiety agents, but with certain Kavas, I only get this relief for about 30-45 minutes, and then I begin to have some form of immediate withdrawal symptoms.

I do not mean to call out certain Kavas as being negative because obviously it is entirely based on the individual, but I will say that KF Bati, BFK Fijian, GHK Mahakea, Squanch, BKH Nambawan and Wakacon Black Bag have all produced negative results after consuming it; while KF Tonga, GHK Moi, and KWK Samoan have produced positive effects with limited withdrawal symptoms.

I don't understand how others can freely drink all these brands and have no depression, lack of motivation, and lethargy. I am currently addicted to Gabapentin and Klonopin, so I wonder if the Kava is causing more intense and immediate withdrawal effects, or if certain strains are causing this because I am clearly sensitive to Fijian Kava.

I have slowly learned and evolved with Kava. For it was only about 5 months ago when I drank about 23 tablespoons of Kava in a day and was wondering why I felt depressed, and now I have limited myself to four or five tablespoons of Kava but still feel awful with certain kava. I just drank four tablespoons of a high quality Fijian Kava and had to down soda and coffee to feel a little better from the lethargy and mild depression. I must also say that, despite them producing negative results, the Wakacon Black bag was the first kava I ever used and experienced the most euphoric sessions with. I remember not feeling a thing for a good week and then all of a sudden it hit me. I then started to mix it with KWK Bororgoru which produced a drunken state for about an hour and really enjoyed hiking with it, but of course I felt awful when the effects wore off.

I was wondering if there is additional insight on withdrawal symptoms in those with addictions to Gabaergic drugs or if there is any significance with chemotypes. Also, is there any possibility of kidney or liver damage in those who take medications with Kava? I am getting Kalm with Kava Samoan in the mail soon and will feel much better with that. I think it is time that I stick to only a Samoan and Tongan Kava and just forget about the others, but even then I am concerned about the interactions with medication and my overall well-being with this substance
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Jacob Bula

Theres no direct link between kava and liver or kidney damage. Of course, any diuretic can cause kidney problems if you dont hydrate.

I also experience what you are describing. What you're refering to are the side effects of kava, usually tied to overconsumption. This isnt withdrawal, as kava doesnt have the pharmacological methid of action to cause physical dependence. I think the way to minimize this is to find the cultivars that agree with you and lower dose or frequency.