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New pricing. Sale price of all items reduced by $7.50. Oh and there's more!


Kava Vendor
Until now I have included shipping in the sale price. The actual total price is the same, but I removed the shipping cost from the sale price. Shipping is now charged at checkout.

I know it sounds like a superficial change, but think about it. If you buy more, you save more! Priority USPS mail doesn't charge by weight, so if I can fit it into one package, you save because you only get charged once for the shipping, not in every item.

The holiday sale is still on! Even after dropping the sale price, I've elected to keep the holiday coupon going:
FijiFeelsFest19 will get you an additional 15% discount for the rest of 19.



PS. So, if you like Fiji Fresh, tell a friend about us! Tell a stranger! Email me your story and I will give you an additional coupon for a free strainer with your next purchase.