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Powdered Kava Review New review: kava Kings on amazon


Kava Curious
Hey guys, I wanted to share my experience with kava Kings noble tonga found on amazon.

As a preface, I will share with you what I have tried already so you can have a reference point of my reference point lol.
I have tried Kisa’s kava from amazon which resulted in subtle relaxation effect but lacked anything that could be considered true kava bliss. Keep in mind this is more of a reflection of my own body chemistry and not a bad word against that brand. Even the kava I buy from local kava bars do not pack the punch I could get from
My go to brand: kava time’s Ambae, because it has the sedating, body numbing, sleep inducing effects I desire. I like heavy kava.

I am waiting for some more Ambae in the mail, but decided to snag a bag of kava Kings noble Tonga In the meantime... as a gamble. I think I just found my new go to brand.

not that it matters to me, but kava Kings is the creamiest looking kava I have experienced... it is light yellowish brown with a peppery and slightly pungent Taste. I prepared using traditional method with 4 heaping tablespoons in water and a splash of milk. The color described was before adding milk by the way.

the effects so far are (four shells in): numbing of the limbs, calm floaty feeling seeping through the body and a clear mind. I just sat down to wrap up some more work but don’t necessarily feel stimulated or energized to do so. I would highly recommend this brand and will probably order again soon.

When kava time Ambae arrives, I’ll have to try both back to back nights to see how they compare as memory wont due justice to the experience.
Has anyone else experienced this brand?