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Noble Clouds e-liquid teaser.

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Where can I purchase these online? Google is not finding them.
The links are in @Kapmcrunk 's post.

Here ya go:

As I said though, a simple eGo-T VV or Vision Spinner should do just fine with an Aspire style tank as mentioned in these threads.

Search Engine is your friend ;)

Just got Vape-Mail!!

The Invader mini 50W temp sensing,drop in the loo,run over it,drop it mod http://www.heatvape.com/index.php/device/1-invader-mini
(I don't recommend you do this though as it's been done by the reviewers lol)
and the Lemo V2 http://www.eleafworld.com/product/detail.php/lemo2-atomizer.html
and Nickel 200 wire.

They are the manufacturer's sites,not where I sourced them from.

Sooo Vapin' like a Champ :) .....and eating Red Beans and Rice for the next 2 weeks ;)
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LOL ^^^^^ . Yes the Lion's Mane shroom and bacopa are really good! Most Shrooms are good for the brain if you know how to ID(instead of OD).
Their structure and growth are very similar to our brain. We soak up everything we see,hear,feel,smell,touch and taste....it's always recall that's the problem.
Dendrites will grow back under the right conditions i.e. good nutrition,sleep,careful treatment and mental exercises.


Agreed got too love adaptogens, nice to see another shroomologist on here... Would you care to elaborate on how they are similar too our brains?
Haha....nice to meet a fellow Mycophile :)
Mycelium and the Human Brain have a strikingly similar structure in that our neoronal connections are like mycelia connections. Some species as you know have a huge impact on our neurotransmitters and some have said that for an organism comprised basically of mycelia,that they may have some type of intelligence....who knows?
Psilo and Serotonin are only 1 Oxygen atom in difference and the Amanita has an affinity for the muscarinic acteylcholine receptors and can be used as medicine if one knows what they are doing. Acetylcholine is crucial to our brains function.
I find them all fascinating in their life-cycle,their strategy for survival being nature's regenerative organisms that return dead wood to soil without any negative impact. Some if not all form symbiosis with the roots of living plants and trees.
Now I'm talking in Nature...a balanced Ecosystem and not Fungus inside someone's house or dirty old shoes LMAO :)
Lion's Mane in particular expresses NGF in Mammals,so new dendrite growth is possible just as mycelia can recover and regrow from being broken.
Nature is a wonderful thing and we are not separate from it,we are Nature too ;)
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Have never considered that, am going to have to do some research on pubmed.. I have tried to use amanitas for acetylcholine stimulation but I have a large nootrophic arsenal ( quite a few of which [are natural] affect acetylcholine) and don't think that amanitas provide quite as much a positive affect. Agree their symbiosis is pretty rad humans could learn from it. What noots have you found most beneficial in boosting NGF? I actually think of humans more as beautiful aliens but I crave being in nature and try to go hike, meditate, take photographs, camp, or read in the wood daily.


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I have been looking for a new set up and i think that one just became the front runner. it looks to have everything i'm looking for, including a very reasonable price tag. thanks for posting
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