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Powdered Kava Review Ofa's Kava Review

{"Grade":8,"Potency":10,"Mind":10,"Body":6,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":4,"Taste":"10","Preparation":"Traditional prep 32g in 16 oz room temp water","Duration":"2 hrs","SideEffects":"","Headline":"Good Stuff!"}
Hey Y'all
I am new here, but have been a longtime lurker. Thought I would start my reviewing career with a company that has no reviews, and that I quite enjoy. The simplicity of the Ofa's experience is admirable. No rambling website descriptions or 20 cultivars to choose from (thought that can be fun!), they sell one Tongan Kava, and its damn good.
I put this Kava in the balanced/heady category and it is one of my go-to's for the rare occasion I drink kava during the day. It is euphoric and heady without being jittery. It brews up real nicely into that typical Tongan hue of light brown, and is one of the smoothest tasting Kavas i have tried. I typically prefer heavy blends as most often drink at night, but I make an exception for Ofas. It is pretty potent, and comes on quick, but unlike some Tongans I have tried it has a solid duration of effects. For that reason I feel it is a perfect afternoon Kava. I also really like to blend it with heavier kavas in the evening if I want some of the social/ chatty feeling headier kavas can bring.
The price is really good as well which keeps me coming back! I have nothing negative to say about this company or their kava, I highly recommend it. Bula