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Offering Hanakapi'Ai in trade for heady/euphoric Kava


Kava Curious
I am offering the following quantities of Medium Grind Hanakapi'Ai:
- 1 lb in still sealed/unopened bag
- 6.9 oz in unsealed bag
Bags carefully stored in my freezer since I bought them.

I want to trade for heady/euphoric Kavas such as:
- Kelai (Kava Society)
- Mo'i (Gourmet Hawaiian Kava)
Offers of other, similar Kavas welcome.

I am in Canada and can ship.
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I am about to receive an order of kelai. If I don't like it (which I honestly don't expect to happen) I will trade you the rest for the 6.9 ounce bag. I will let you know how it goes.