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Kava Preparation On collecting frozen aluball makas


Kava Curious
How do some of you collect makas? Do you throw all your used aluball makas in one container or separate them? I’ve been tossing my Borongoru in one freezer bag, and squanch’s Fiji Waka in another.

Do you use a second wash with the aluball before freezing? I’ve been doing it twice, I feel like the aluball is great and effective for a good strong first wash, especially when everything is dry and you can shake out all the powder first! But, using the traditional method, I feel like you can really extract a lot of the kavaltones if you do a good job kneading. So far my strongest grogs were the ones I made my first night.

When using your frozen makas for a second wash, how much do you collect at a time? Do you prep more than one strainer bag of makas in the same bowl to achieve more strength? How strong is your yield with trad prep after two washes in the aluball?