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Powdered Kava Review 'Ono


The life of a kavaholic
This one was pretty hard to throw back. Really peppery but the taste didn't last long, I know it's one of the better tasting, it sure had a greener taste to it. Maybe I just didn't use enough water, I had made it pretty strong. Either way, the effects came on quickly but it only started peaking after about 15 minutes in, which I find pretty rare for kava's. Normally the first moment I feel the kava it'll get to the peak very quickly. So I definitely enjoy the journey towards that peak a lot. The peak itself also lasts a while and keeps you in the right zone even when it starts to lessen. The kava is a heady hitter but makes me super chill, all of my anxiety disappears and I can finally after a long day be just in the moment. Normally heady kava's can make me a bit restless I need to do something which is nice during the daytime but when the evening falls I like to settle down become one with the moment with a heady kava. I think heavy kava's are great for anxiety but can't shut up my mind. Heady kava's make my mind shut up while enhancing my surrounding thus making me be in and enjoying the moment more. Not many heady kava's achieve this effect with me. the loa lawena is also a kava which is awesome during daytime but I would not recommend drinking it during the evening without having some Mâlôlô Kava on hand. Since I'm an evening drinker I definitely haven't bought enough of this kava! Feels more potent to me although it's one of the lesser potent kava's they have which is why it scared me off.

Currently couchlocked listening to some jazz, while feeling very euphoric and at ease!
Bula and thank you cactuskava for the great kava!::happyshell::
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