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Supplier Review Outstanding Customer Service and Communication!


Kava Curious
{"Headline":"Very happy with FVK","Grade":10,"Ordering":10,"Shipping":10,"Service":10}
I'm a seasoned Kava enthusiast and a daily consumer. I've used many vendors and quite few because of this forum. Fiji Vanua Kava is at the top of my list. Their products are high-quality and consistent which, by itself, is huge. My recent experience deserves a special shout-out.

Tesh notified me that my order was going to be delayed. The delay turned out to be a just a couple of days which I honestly wouldn't have noticed, but I was really impressed with their consideration. When my order arrived, it included an "inconvenience" gift. I was surprised and thrilled. Vanuatu, Santa Cruz and others were top-notch as always.

Thank you, Tesh and Fiji Vanua Kava!