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Powdered Kava Review Ovalau's Heritage

Krunkie McKrunkface

Kava Connoisseur
For starters, if it is from Kava Time you know it is going to be good, that is a given. It is going to smell and taste and feel as fresh as you will ever get from a dry grind. Also you know that however expensive it might be the quality will justify it. So any purchase decision just comes down to personal taste. My impression is that all KT kava they sell is excellent because they simply refuse to do otherwise.

I found this quite strong and balanced with a distinct strong flavor of wood and spice. Good root.
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Kava Lover
An interesting thing about this one is that I find it mostly heady on the first shell or two but the third and beyond gives me a very good anxiolytic body feel that is distinct to heavy kavas. Im always impressed by how calming it can get down the line