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Powdered Kava Review Pacific Elixir


Kava Enthusiast

I kneeded two heaped tablespoons or around half a cup of the powder for 6 Minutes, using 400ml of water. Then I did another 6 minutes wash with 200ml water and combined both. I drank all within 10 minutes.

Taste and Beverage Aesthetics:

Very nice, light and creamy color that foamed slightly while kneeding. It left a surprising light scent of citrus in the room, which was quite pleasant. The taste was extremly peppery and left the mouth quite numb. No strange bitter n moldy, aroma, but a fresh and light taste.


After less than 10 minutes, the effects started to creep up on me, before it suddenly hit me like a train. A very intense headrush, that still had some "substance" to it. Not as euphoric and creative as my personal gold standard "VKS Kaolik", but it still made me smile with less exhibions and exploratory in mood.

After around 20-30 minutes, the rush subsided and gave way to a feeling of sedation which culminated into me being unable to keep my eyes open around 3.5-4 hours after ingestion.


Very little gastric upset in comparison to other kavas. Less nausea and no bloating. In the morning, i felt groggy still.


This is a real, and real good kava which gives me back a part of my enthusiasm for Kava. After many failed tries with other products, i finally found one that is worth its money. Not cheap, but valuable, especially in comparison to what else is available to Europeans. I found that blending Kavas often enables synergies and allows for a stronger effect. This blend was masterfully crafted to give both very heady and very sedating effects at the same time. If that is what you like...Pacific Elixir delivers. I personally could do without the super heavy sedating effects at the tail end. But personal preferences aside, it needs to be said that this is not just some random cheap kava but the real deal and by that i mean a premium product that simply delivers.


Kava Enthusiast
I want to add, that the morning after my second session, i felt deeply refreshed and not groggy at all! Also, the sedating effects were not there anymore so i think it must have been something else going on with me at the time. A great kava blend, i'd say its among the best i have tried ever...