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Pacific Roots review, KWK order fulfilled


Kava Enthusiast
Hello Kava lovers. My order from Kalm with Kava came in this morning, a weekend after I placed the request.

Satisfaction. I'm wearing my brown Tanoa t-shirt, which feels soft and durable, and smells like fresh Kava. Speaking of fresh Kava,

Pacific Roots beverage. I chilled it to about 10-15*C and poured half a bottle into a glass bilo. Aroma is subtle, taste is pure refreshment for me. Cucumber dominated, with notes of green melon and a spicy-sweet finish, reminiscent of cinnamon and cloves. Smooth texture, a balanced (balanced-heady) cultivar. The drink is worth my money just for the first shell. Paired with fruits and nuts. Second shell 20-30 minutes later finished off the bottle. This will be perfect to share with my friend who is accustomed to a year's worth of Kava Ceremonies with me, as well as to introduce people to the tradition with. I've opened another bottle and had half of it, as you see in my attached images, I caught a photo while pouring. The color is beautiful for a Kava beverage, as is everything else about this.

Muscle relaxation, familiar relief, with a fleeting sense of "hey, wasn't I sore?". Well worth the wait.

I also ordered Guava Kava Colada, a concentrate product which I notice contains L-theanine. I'll try that on ice some evening when I have not had any Kava for that day.

Overall, I like this very much. I may have more to say about it after today. Bula.



Well... there ya have it.
I just placed an order for Pacific Root and I'm really excited to try it. I'm happy you enjoyed it so much.