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Powdered Kava Palarasul

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Palarasul is our 3rd Vanuatu kava and first single vanuatu cultivar offering. The kava comes from Santo Island which is the largest kava producing island of Vanuatu and has a plethora of varieties planted in its field. The palarasul cultivar is the most expensive cultivar of Vanuatu and is one of the most sought after by locals. It barely gets exported out of the country due to the high local demand.

This kava is one of the most uplifting kava we have in our offering. The powder produces an almost creamy colored beverage and is moderately peppery in taste. This kava has been processed at a cGMP facility. It is best to be taken anytime of the day when you need to mellow out.

Chemotype = Unavailable

Effects = Heady

Best for = Chilling