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Powdered Kava Review Palasa


{"Grade":9,"Potency":8,"Mind":6,"Body":8,"Anxiety":7,"Sedative":8,"Taste":"6","Preparation":"Medium grind, traditional prep","Duration":"Above average","SideEffects":"Minimal","Headline":"Palasa"}
Solid kava. Seems to hit me with a bit of a heady rush, followed by a very mellow sedation that creeps into the body. I have gone through ~8 oz of this at this point. I agree with some of the comments about the Palarasul from PSL about letting the root soak for a few minutes prior to kneading as it does have some root fibers in it. But, overall a very smooth tasting kava that I've been enjoying since I got it. I will be ordering from them again at some point.