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Papa Kea Back In Stock


our Roots run deep
cool I'm going to tell all my friends
noooooo.... we have to keep information tight hold on best of the best cultivars when they come available:oops:
joking with ya on this, but do keep in mind last time i saw Papa Kea at GHK was over 7 months ago, iirc, maybe even March?

placed a good little order already and will repeat that in a week so as to not hog all this delicious root for self. if they gonna get it they better not wait too long :p


Kava Curious
I am still waiting for my lb of Papa Kea.
I ordered on 12/23 so post office holidays slowed delivery. It should have been here by yesterday but mail has been in transit since 12/27. I cant wait to dig in. I hope it gets here soon. On a different note, I regularly check the GHK website to see if Hiwa medium grind is back in stock. I had the Hiwa instant. That one was incredibly powerful. It actually felt a lot like alcohol. Only draw back was getting extremely nauseous very quickly if consuming too much. I would love to try the medium grind.


The Kaptain (40g)
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Just chiming in with my experience. Fantastic kava. There's really no way of replicating that Hawaiian terroir. After drinking Fijian and Vanuatu kava for months it's quite the distinctive difference. Effects are great. Can't wait to drink it again tonight.