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Have you ever heard of this Kava provider ?
I heard about it on the Kratom Ink forum, which has a section dedicated to kava. He is an official seller of kratom and CBD (Adrian from k-a-c.at), but has created an association to offer kava to members only : https://forum.kratom.ink/index.php?thread/182-kava-shops-und-bezugsquellen/&postID=107261#post107261

I have bought kava several times from Edward (very good), unfortunately he can no longer ship to my country since September. I absolutely need kava because it's the only thing that helps with my PTSD. So I asked Adrian a few questions and place an order for a small quantity (100g) on last Thursday. My payment was received on Friday and since then I have sent several emails to Adrian, without a response. While he had been very responsive during the first emails to inform me and give me the list of kava that he offered (mainly KwK, I took Borongoru and Vula waka in medium grind). The delivery service is supposed to be GLS, but I have no news either.

I might be a little impatient, but I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with him and if everything went well ?



I used to buy from Edward, which always was great.
I know Adrian some time for one honest and well deserved vendor - I could always talk to him, ask question, get some specials, make agreements. I ordered also Kava from him and never had problems. The post office and everything is pretty full right now and the post is delayed. Thats because of the time of the year, its better to contact him at telegram or whatsapp - in the Forum there you can find his number to contact him. I never heard that he dont answer messages - he answers me even on sunday which I think he shouldnt. :D

Greetings and good luck.


Aluballin' in the UK
Kava Vendor
I think I have spoken to Adrian from Kratom Ink in the past. I think he is good and reliable and must just have been busy or missed your emails recently. Give it a little more time and I think he will reply.

I am now able to offer kava to anyone anywhere in Europe through my business partner so if you don't get your order then please get in touch and I will see what I can offer.