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Kava Preparation Pleasant end of day shell of Waka


Kava Enthusiast
This is an exciting moment for me. After a fine day of working my job, I made traditionally prepared squanch and noticed flavors never tasted before in kava.

Sweet lattee, a milk, vanilla beverage with a touch of spice and french silk pie danced on my tongue, while the numbing is subtle, the load taken off my shoulders is great and greatly appreciated. I have to share my recipe for you so that you, too may taste this kava root.

First, I measured three heaping tablespoons, stopping one short of what I felt in the mood for. I also added 4Tbsp of fresh, second wash roots, which may have contributed to the sweetness overall.

Then, I portioned away 13 heapers of root in a paper bag with a sticker on it, for when I celebrate the root with my friend next week. This relates to my mood improvement, positive forethought action.

I rinsed my strainer with warm water and drew some cold water on the stove to bring to warm.

I circulated water into the roots, kneading, for at least five minutes, squeezing and finally wringing out in a fashion similar to the way our digestive system processes food. Having made my shell, I spread the roots out, took them from the strainer, spread once more and tucked away in a plastic bag for freezing.

Thank you Squanch, Bula all.