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Kava Powdered Review Premium Blend No. 7


Kava Curious
I bought ½ pound of this kava along with some extract (will review another time). I wasn't sure of the chemotype, etc., because it's a blend (boroguru and some others). The Kavassueur gave it a good review so that gave me some idea about where things would head.

The price leans toward the more expensive side of things, but I think it has value that matches the price...more below. After placing the order, I got an email from the owner, saying that it shipped the day after placing the order. It was in my mailbox a few days later. Great customer service, for sure.

Opening the bag, I was surprised by how finely ground the powder was. It smelled okay--like kava. I don't buy it to smell it. Taste was similar--like kava. I will have to leave the taste reviews to someone else as my method of drinking is to get it down as quickly and taste it as little as possible. I think it all tastes pretty rough, so don't base any decisions on that rating...

I used a standard soak, kneed, repeat (muslin bag) process for preparation. The liquid had that kava sheen to it pretty quickly. It seems like some kavas require a few minutes before the liquid develops that shiny surface. This one developed fast--an indicator of things to come.

The first time I made this, I drank an 8 oz cup and then spaced things out 15 minutes with 4 oz servings thereafter. I was where I wanted to be at the 3rd serving but gutted out a 4th--a mistake because I experienced some nausea. The second time I made it, I drank a 4 oz cup and then stuck to closer to 20 minute intervals. This time it was better with only very minor nausea that went away when I ate something. My plan was to cut the amount of root for the next batch then follow the 4 oz, 20-minute process.

Effects were fairly balanced but I felt that things leaned a bit toward relaxing the body as opposed to heady effects. The heady effects were there for sure, but this one sat me down for a bit although I was happy to be there. The first time that I drank it, I was a little groggy the next day but shook it off after sleeping in. The second time, I was fine. I was completely content being by myself, watching TV, listening to music, and so on. I probably could have gotten some writing done if I'd planned on it. But, I was happy relaxing, which was what I was after in the first place.

Bad ending, my fault. I screwed up and was only able to try this one twice. While cleaning up from the second batch, I left the open bag on the side of the sink and hit it with my forearm, knocking it straight into a sink full of soapy dishwater. Not a good move and I was not a happy person for a bit.

In sum, the kava was good. It's strong and a good one for relaxing in the evening when things are quiet. I'll order this one again.


I like it, would like to know the chemotype. Bet 2 comes first or pretty much equal to4.


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
Review Maestro
Sounds like my kinda kava, gotta get around to it on my never ending list of kavas.


Kava Curious
It's a good kava, definitely. I'm going to be working my way back to it at some point soon. And I agree, it'd be good to know the chemotype. Do you all know if it's possible for them to do an analysis of chemotype with a blend?