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Instant Kava Quick Shell Instant Kava

A smooth and harmonious instant kava made from selected noble cultivars of balanced and heady character.

Our instant kavas are made purely by dehydrating fresh kava juice (obtained through a cold water extraction of freshly harvested, peeled kava roots) until all that remains are the pure instant granules that you can mix directly with water or your favourite soft drink. It is the smoothest and the easiest to drink form of powdered kava. It's also the closest thing to drinking fresh kava on the islands. Average chemotype: 423165

Size: 100g

Recommended serving size: 8g


Kava Enthusiast
Well lucky me I discovered some of this in my tea cupboard I thought had been used, last night!

I was already going to order some more last night, it was a pure coincidence.

So I treated myself. Got very happy lol! I do like this instant. It's nicely fragrant and light, fresh taste.

Instant effects. Very cerebral, in a mood raising, energising sense but not adsent of balanced sedative effects. The mental feel good factor is really pronounced.

I was so ajoyed to find the unexpected treat, and already was looking brightly forward to ordering more, by chance timing.

So I got a bit passionate in my note to Henry, ordering.

I'm really sorry @Henry if I got carried away divulging. I really wear heart on sleeve, I hope nothing was overly innapropriate or alarming.

I have Taken a break recently from Instant Kavas, and I suddenly realised I wanted to to treat myself to a little spree and my instant feeling this time was to go with the quick shell.

And the coincidence of me randomly finding some earlier on that night to treat myself too 2tooas well as this evening has gotten me very much looking forward to receiving this fine instant kava.

@Henry what I unquestionably meant though in my order comments and would never take back is the sincere gratitude and appreciation I have personally for the commitment and hard work you put into making sure that every single customer has the absolute best and fairest and most efficient experience all round with you.

So I was just giving some credit for that because we work so hard the good people to make the world a better place and it's nice to hear that you are making a difference to so many lives by setting those standards based on good principal.

Amazing work anyway I think, all out of the public eye because all we see ourselves is the vending machine slots and the Magic just drops out of there all done for us lol!

But I can't imagine how much commitment and patience and solid principle it has taken on your own Bart personally to make absolutely certain that your operation is the absolute Fox mum it possibly could be in my opinion anyway comparing to any and all other companies I have ever dealt with in my life whatever type of products.

The Bir Kar is very nice too. So glad I I got to that one in time I'm this time round but there's enough quality out there whenever missing out in truth.

Thanks @Henry and sorry again if my cooments were a bit out of place.

Thank you so much for your nice warm reply today as well I meant to say that was a pleasure to receive and read from you.