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Instant Kava Review Review of Kava King Products Inc, Instant Drink Mix, Vanuatu Blend , 1/2 lb (226.8 g)


Skål from Sweden!
Instant Kava's gonna get you!

Lennon didn’t sing that, but I’m singing it because I have tried Kava Kings Instant Vanuatu blend and this kava’s got me and it’s gonna get you too.

The powder comes in a beautiful packaging; a bag with a tiki god on it. But I do wish they would sell bigger packages than 1/2 lb though.

Kava works different on different people. My experience might not be what somebody else would experience. It’s even different on the same person, in a different situation. Like coffee, tobacco or alcohol. I have used the whole bag of Vanuatu blend before writing this review.

Upon opening the bag I was meet by a fine smell, like newly fallen rain on earth.

The package says: Mix 1-3 teaspoons of Kava King Products Kava with 6 ounces of cold water or your favorite drink.

I prefer not to mix my kava with different flavors. Kava King do sell instants with flavors: Vanilla, Berry Blend and Cocoa. But I’m not tempted to try those, yet, because I like the authentic taste of kava.

After mixing 3 teaspoons with 6 ounces (or 2dl), which was very easy to do, I take a sip. I never eat anything for at least 3 hours before drinking kava, I must add.
The taste does not disappoint. Like the smell it’s very earthy, also woody and rooty. It might be a bit bitter, as bitter as kava usually is, nothing that should turn away a first timer. Here I must ask: Who liked coffee the first time they tried it? Did wasabi and beer taste awesome the first time you tried it? This kava is very easy to drink for a beginner who might find the kava taste ”a bit funky”. Kava might never taste awesome, but I like the taste after getting used to it and this instant tastes very nice!

Three minutes later I finish the shell, that is what the cup is called when you drink kava (think coconut), the onset comes on after 15 minutes or less. Very fast! It’s a very heady effect, not so heavy. What’s a heady effect? A ”heady” experience is the effect that affects your head more than your body. You’ll be upbeat. A ”heavy” effect adds sedation and laziness through-out your whole body.

I felt just a hint of sedation, but very upbeat. I was thinking straight while being very mellow. Listning to jazz, Miles Davis Bitches Brew, I did chores around the house with a grin and a groove. After three more shells I noticed side effects like eye-lag and some speech problems, also I got a bit nauseous because of it. I felt fine after some food, very fine.

In general when I take this kava the effects last a long time, 4+ hours. I feel a appreciation for the little things and a enjoyment of my surroundings. So it’s great if your relaxing in nature. I get talkative and excited. So it’s a good substitute for alcohol in social events. It’s also nice to just sit in the sofa and watch your favorite show.

This is a kava I will reorder many, many, times.

This kava is for you who feel that you just don't have the time to get out the bowl and strainer to squeeze out a batch. It’s for you who don’t want to pay too much for your kava, because it’s the cheapest kava around right now, and despite that it’s as good as it is. And it’s for you who live in Europe!

Relax Responsibly!

Lil' Krunkette

Crawling Chaos
Excellent review, Odourman! I just ordered some. I'm a kava n00b, and your review answered all of my questions about Kava King. :)