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Review posting challenge, what does the error code mean?


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Bula. ::happyshell:: I have posted a review today in the vendor sub forum for Fiji Fresh. Initially, I was making my review in the reviews section. There was one choice for Prefix, the Powdered Root Review. Which is interesting, since in the past others have used the Fresh Root Review prefix, as I would like to. No prefix was not an option.

I was going to proceed and change it later, then I got a message while submitting the post which declared, "Please enter a value for all required fields. "
I believe the required field is cpReview, and it is a text field captioned "Used by CustomPages to store Forum Review Data. Created by HeadHodge. Messing with this field results in crippling the CustomPages Review functionality."

I'm aware other reviews are using the shell rating system, and I wish to also use this feature. I think this is more of my failure to understand the protocol than it would be a bug. What is the formatting for the cpReview text field? What data should I put in it?

Thank you.

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Figured it out.

After you click "Edit" on your post at the top under the word "Title:" It allows you to select a prefix. Select the appropriate one like "Powdered Kava Review" and it will allow you to edit those shells.