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Kava Vaping/Smoking Review Rubusto Cigar


Notorious Lightweight
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Well the power went out today so I figured I'd go sit outside and try the other cigar.

This one didn't hit me nearly as hard as the first one. I was also able to taste a lot more flavors in this one. I tasted the tobacco of course but I also got this nice coffee flavor. I actually smoked the entire cigar this time. It was much easier to do on the rubusto. By the end of the cigar I was leaning back in my chair and very comfortable. My face and tongue were a little numb and I can feel it spreading down down to my knees

I can see myself tucking one of these away for a rainy day or another power outage. This is a rather short review. Not much I can say about it other than I really enjoyed it. Lots of flavor and some nice mellow effects (light weights ftw).::couch::